Now glory be to God!
By his mighty power at work within us,
he is able to accomplish infinitely more
than we would ever dare to ask or hope.

Ephesians 3:20

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Change my heart, Lord.

You have been fair in everything that has happened to us; You have been loyal, but we have been wicked.  
Nehemiah 9:33

How often is this the case?  It is so easy to look in judgment of other people and then a few moments later I realize or 'catch myself' doing the very same thing I was judging another for.  
How many times did I say "oh those Israelites, why don't they get it?!?"  Seriously, 40 years?  
And yet, how often, how long do I wrestle with God?  
Or avoid doing what I know God is telling me to do?  
Or resist ignore opportunities to serve others?  
My attitude is not a good one, much of the time.  
It is wicked, far too often. 

Do you find yourself frustrated with yourself for repeating mistakes?  What can you do to lessen this?

Dear Lord,
I love you and thank you for your gift, your sacrifice on the cross.  
Help me remember and to not take it for granted.  
Change my heart and my attitude.  
Give me Your eyes, help me to see what You see.  
Help me to have a servant's heart.  
Change me from the inside out, Lord.  
That's the only way to really get lasting change.  
Thank you, Jesus.  

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