Now glory be to God!
By his mighty power at work within us,
he is able to accomplish infinitely more
than we would ever dare to ask or hope.

Ephesians 3:20

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Mama's Mission of the Month December 2010

Mission of the Month

I have decided to jump in again with Mama Jenn and her Mission of the Month.  The last time I did it, I was hugely successful in reaching my goal.  Here's hoping that it happens again.  If you want some accountability, head on over to Mama Jenn's and find out how to join in.

For my December Mission, I'd like to focus on have a few minutes of one on one time with each member of my family, each day.  I would like to spend at least 5-10 minutes with each child this month.  Not as task master or teacher, but just being with them, and enjoying them.  I feel like I get to focused on tasks, getting things done at times.  I find myself saying things like "hurry up", "what's taking so long?"  and "let's go" a little too often. 

It is especially bad when I'm feeling stressed or rushed.  I do still work outside of the home AND homeschool and that can keep things um, insane interesting, in terms of scheduling and accomplishing all that we need to.  What I love about homeschooling though is the flexibility and even though it's chaotic and crazy, it's working for our family right now.  It's a blessing.

I'd also like to set up a 1:1 "date" with each of my children at least once this month.  That may be tricky schedule-wise,  but it's a worthwhile goal.  I am thinking something a little more in depth that 5-10 minutes.  Perhaps dinner or shopping, or even just something around the house, where it is just me and one son at a time.   It won't be anything elaborate, but focused 1:1 time.   

What better goal to have in December than to try to slow down and enjoy my true blessings?  I pray for God's help with this mission. 

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