Now glory be to God!
By his mighty power at work within us,
he is able to accomplish infinitely more
than we would ever dare to ask or hope.

Ephesians 3:20

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Birthday thoughts

Today is my birthday.  If you use the average life expectancy numbers I am pretty close to mid life.  Though, truth be told, I could also be much closer to the end than I care to think about.  That's not morbid or depressed, it's simply a fact.  Read on to see what I'm getting at.

My birthday  started out well, a day off,  to sleep in (as much as a middle aged morning person with school age kids can sleep in), hugs and birthday cards from my family and tons of good wishes for a happy day on Facebook.  I am blessed and I know it.

Later on, I am reminded that life can change in an instant.  We are headed out of town, up into the mountains for a little r and r.  We've been this way before and so we are not surprised by the road work that delays us in a couple of different places.  What we are surprised by is at the second stop, a woman walks up to us and says there's been an accident.  A rockslide and some of the road crew are hurt.  An ambulance is on the way so keep the road as clear as possible.  Immediately  I feel a deep sense of sadness as I look around the beautiful mountain side and river valley and wonder how long it will take the emergency crews to arrive.  We aren't too far from the city, but we aren't that close, either. Often, there are no alternative routes through mountainous terrain.   I say a silent prayer for God to be with the people needing help.  I think of them and their families and ask God to be with them.

What is inconvenient for us is life altering for others.  I am  a fairly patient traveler,  able to view inconveniences and delays as opportunities.  I look for the adventure in the mishaps.  To me, that is the art and beauty in a road trip.  I guess moving (and driving)  across the country twice, spending several weeks on the road and living in the camper for two months, as well as multiple trips to Haiti have brought out this ability in me.  I highly recommend travel to a third world country for at least a week for every American.  But that's another post about perspective.   I pray that I could incorporate this attitude/virtue of patience, flexibility and a positive outlook more in my day to day life.

Fortunately for us, it's a nice day and we have the camper with us.  People are out of their vehicles, chatting, stretching, watching.  A lady walking by says " this is nice for you, you have your home with you" referring to our camper.  So we have lunch while we wait and watch and pray.  The whole time I am struck by how life can change dramatically in an instant.  These guys (or gals) went to work and were doing their normal thing, and then they weren't.  Their family members were doing their normal thing until they got the phone call.  Then they weren't.

An ambulance made its way through a bit later.  Followed by a med-evac helicopter.  It took a few attempts to land because of the terrain.  That chopper took off and another landed within a few minutes.  As I watched the first take off I said another prayer for them to make it to the hospital safely.  It was almost as if I could send them "good vibes" and "positive energy" to make the flight as quick and as smooth as possible.  I hope it helped.  After a bit the second, larger chopper took off and I sent the same intense, fervent prayer.

We wondered how long it would be before we could continue on our way.  Shortly we saw traffic coming from the other direction so we loaded ourselves back into the vehicle.  And then we were on our way.  Driving past the "office" of the construction crew was revealing.  As we passed by their trailer and parking area, the looks on their faces were tense, the mood was somber.  Hard to get back to work after something like this happens, no matter what you might think of your co-workers.  They looked dazed.  And exhausted.

 We went on our way with full bellies and only about an hour delay in our plans.  And with the very real reminder that life can change in an instant.  Lets not waste one minute.

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