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By his mighty power at work within us,
he is able to accomplish infinitely more
than we would ever dare to ask or hope.

Ephesians 3:20

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 2 Green Smoothie Detox Feast Update

If you want to read my intro to what I'm doing, click here.

I'm finding this time to be more challenging than the first time.  I think it's because I was really slacking off on my healthy eating for about the past 2 months.  When I did this back in February (the first time) I had already lost about 30-40 pounds and had been eating fairly "clean" (limited processed food and more whole/real food).  The other factor that is at play here, I think, is that I am not working at this time.  So I have more too much time on my hands.  That time allows me to think about my cravings.  That time allows me to watch tv which is full of food food food.  Ugh.

I also think that there is an emotional or spiritual connection here too.  Having recently lost my job, relocated and sold my house, I have been stressed and busy.  This is sort of a "fast" not in the traditional sense of not eating, but in eating less and in a different way.  I think that allows emotions I've been too busy to face to bubble up.  I'm sad.  I'm tired of being far away from so many people I love.  I'm homesick for a time, not a place.  The place is still there, but times have changed, people have changed/died/moved.  It's a memory, a fantasy I have in my head, not reality.  I'm trying to allow myself to feel what I feel when I feel it, and then move on. 

The word of the day for Day 1 would have to be fatigue.  I was tired all afternoon, so I took a nap.  I believe it was in part due to detoxing and in part to not having enough calories in my first two smoothies.  I made myself another smoothie and that helped too.  I stuck to my plan on Day 1. 

On day 2, the word of the day would be headache.  I've had a sinus headache on one side pretty much all day.  Dislike.  I have more energy today than yesterday, but the nagging headache is not fun.

Oh, on day one, I made a smoothie, poured myself a glass and proceeded to knock it over.  Let me tell you, green smoothie was EVERYWHERE.  Including a heating duct in the floor of my kitchen.  What. A. Mess.
This picture is what was left after the spill.  I was hungry so I made another one.  This one is really dark green because I used spring mix for this one. I'm not sure if I will do that again or not.

I also managed to spill a scalding hot cup of tea on my arm.  I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and it took a little doing to get the hot liquid away from my skin.  Boo!

On Day 2 I did not stick entirely to plan, eating some solid foods.  Not vegan either.  But that's okay.  It was minimal.  Tomorrow will be better. 

And on day two, my blender died!  WAHOO!  This is a day I have been waiting for since my first Detox Feast.  I have been coveting a Vitamix for nearly a year.  But I was in possession of a perfectly working blender.  So being a grown up I decided to wait til my current blender died before replacing it.  Plus the frugal gal cheapskate in me couldn't quite stomach spending so much on a blender.  However, the Vitamix is not just a blender, it is a kitchen appliance.  And now that I have my very own, I anticipate that my smoothies and raw vegan enjoyment is going to go way up.  I literally jumped up and down with excitement and clapped my hands when leaving the store with my brand new Vitamix.  I am so excited.  I cannot tell you how happy I was when my husband said we could go get one.  I already had done the price comparison thing and figured out the best way to get my Vitamix.  So off we went.  I didn't get to excited until we walked out of the store with it.  My husband acknowledged that this was not a passing fad like some of my "I have to have this moods."  So YAY!

I'm going to go whip up something in my Vitamix!!!

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